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Gathering in fellowship

The Sew-n-Sews

The Sew-n-sews meet each week on a Tuesday morning from 9am till about 11.30am.

Although primarily a craft and fancy work group they gather in prayer and support the service work of the Parish.

They also celebrate birthdays, share news of their families and share stories. Anyone is welcome, but it probably helps if you know how to knit/ sew or crochet.

sew and sews in action.jpg

Men's Breakfast

Meeting on the first Saturday of the month from about 6.45 for breakfast.

Men are invited to join in and share a 'healthy' breakfast, which often involves a choice of toast, cooked breakfast or cereal. We also are led in a short time of reflection and sharing in prayer by our convener, Bill Lawrence.

Men's breakfast.jpg

Last Sunday Bookclub

On the last Sunday of the month we meet to discuss a book that we have been reading. Some of the books are literary masterpieces, some are romance novels, some adventure or even comedy. The group has three main benefits, that we get to read things that we normally wouldn't, that we get to hear others viewpoints, and that we get to share some great snacks.

There is no expectation that the books have a religious or spiritual theme to them, although some have wrestled with these topics as well. 

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