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Websites we visit

A very useful site with many translations of the Bible, a good search facility, and the ability to compare translations side by side.

Our Diocesan Website with many useful documents, information about various parishes, the faith and tradition of the Anglican Church, and so much more. Definitely worth exploring.

The Office of Professional Standards has produced a number of documents, which are available for public perusal, in regards to Child safety. These reflect the current policies. If you are aware of any concerns please report them as soon as possible. There is a link on the main page of the website.

So many amazing courses and videos to be found here. Information about opportunities to grow and learn abound, seriously check it out, you won't be disappointed.

A link to St Francis College Short Courses, a locally-produced six-episode course with videos featuring faith experts and discussion questions designed to be used by you on your own or with a group.

Each episode features a 25 minute video and questions for reflection or discussion.

Doing justice is a space hosted by the Social Responsibilities Committee of the Anglican Church Southern Queensland. It has some amazing resources, that speak to some of the biggest and most pressing issues facing the world today.

God Conversations is a global ministry, led by Pastor Tania Harris, that equips people to recognise and respond to God’s voice. 

The Scriptures reveal a deeply personal God who longs for communication with his people. Throughout biblical history he is seen speaking, initially through the prophets, and later through his Son Jesus . While on earth, Jesus promised that after his death and resurrection, he would send his Spirit who would remind us of the foundational truths that had been established  as well as speak of things that were ‘yet to come’. 

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