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We are committed to the safeguarding and care of everyone within our community.

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Our Staff, Wardens, Parish Council and anyone in our Children's Minsitry hold Blue Cards and complete Child Safety Training and Safer Minsitry Checks.

All of these training is available for anyone in our congregation too.

If something is worrying to you please contact:

Rev. Erika Williams | - 0438116702 (Priest in Charge)

Janine | - 41528810 (Administration Officer) 

Carolyn Wood | (Church Warden)

Anne Purcell | (Church Warden)

Alex Bramley| (Church Warden)

Our Safeguarders

Emma Pic.jpg

    Rev. Erika Williams                 Carolyn Wood                  Emma Williams

Safeguarding everyone in our community

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